Monday, July 6, 2015

Syracuse is great place to live!

Syracuse is doing well. It has been a pleasure to serve in such a remarkable city for the past 3 1/2 years.

We still have some challenges ahead. I, with the majority of the current council, have dedicated over $10 million to infrastructure in Syracuse. We are still catching up. In March of this year city staff completed a city-wide 1-5 year capital projects plan. The estimated cost for all projects in the 5 year plan is around $20 million. While we may not be able to complete all of the proposed projects on the list within 5 years. But next to public safety in importance, infrastructure and public works is a vital function of government. Functional infrastructure is also integral to business support.

Four years ago when I ran for city council, I advocated against bonding and raising taxes or fees to pay for infrastructure needs. During my time on the council, we have allocated over $10 million to much needed infrastructure projects with no new bonds or taxes. I will continue to prioritize and allocate funds to our ongoing infrastructure needs while maintaining and working to improve our healthy fiscal balance.

I will continue to work hard to ensure that our local government is responsive to the citizens it serves, create positive economic development and growth, increase and defend individual property rights, build collaborative relationships with other elected officials and governing bodies, and maintain our community values.

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